The Beer Trip Brewing Lab

Hájecká 14, 618 00 Brno, , Czechia

It's a Nano brewing scale lab that have been builted with the purpose to gain knoledge about main beer styles of the world. Altough the set up was put together in a cost-effective way, it has a high level of accuracy to simulates the processes of a large brewery. The main focus is to experiment with ingredients and processes. Despite being a personal and non-profit iniciative, the lab is open to receive either researchers, or craft breweries willing to try out beer recipes in a nano scale. We're also working on possibilities to homebrewing enthusiasts. The lab is part of a researching project about brewing processes and ingredients that came to be real after 10 years. The Beer Trip project have been involving a series of travels to beer nations, participation in the most knowned beer trade events and festivals, beer judging activities and visitations to breweries and beer related institutions.

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