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Téma: South Africa

South Africa 17. úno 2017 13:19 #1

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Message from FaceBook :

Good luck. Hope you get the ability to brew as much as you want for home use.
I stand to be corrected, but in South Africa, we are allowed to ferment no more than 500lt at any given time for own consumption.
For years Commercial Breweries had the upper hand and craft brewers with licences where unheard of. Possibly due to the costs and redtape involved in getting a licence. That has changed and craft breweries are opening up everywhere.
Home brewing industry is big business for suppliers.
We are fortunate.
There are even brewers doing whiskey and gin en ofcoarse a South African drink called "Mampoer" which is distilled from fermented fruit or even potatoes.
Then there is also "Witblits" distilled tradisionally from fermented peaches. Even in the days before changes in legislation recipies where handed down in families as close guarded secrets and distilling where done illegally, very much like Moonshine in America.
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Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

South Africa 18. úno 2017 12:32 #2

* What country do you live in?
South Africa

* Is beer as a product in general (commercial/non commercial) taxed in your country?
Yes, commercial brewers are taxed on ABV as well as normal income from sales

* Are you allowed to produce homebrew beer, that is tax free?

* Is there some amount limitation of homebrew beer that you are allowed to produce without paying taxes?

* Is there any legal obligation considering for instance an obligation to fill a report or announcement as a homebrewer and send it to your legal authorities in order to be allowed to brew beer at home?

Comments: general limitations are for the sale of alcoholic beverages, which require a licence and which needs to be renewed annually.
Also, distillation requires the still to be registered and a nominal licence purchased.

The Liquor Act 59 of 2003

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