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Czech Homebrewers are asking for help

Dear fellow Homebrewers,
Czech homebrewing is regulated by the Tax Code, particulary in accordance with the section 80 and following of the Tax Code No. 353/2003 Coll. Library as amended. Unluckily this Code is very strict, so we are only allowed to brew 200 litres of tax free beer a year per household. Thanks to a possibility of the Tax Code legal alternation in upcoming political process, we have a chance to change the situation by filing a petition during this process. We can fight for our rights effectively only if we can provide „hard evidence“ in form of accurate pieces of information about homebrewing limits in other countries (especially European) to the petition recipient (Czech government). We would be very thankful if you are willing to help us with our research.

To participate in our research, please follow our forum link in order to fill in an easy and quick form:


* What country do you live in?
* Is beer as a product in general (commercial/non commercial) taxed in your country?
* Are you allowed to produce homebrew beer, that is tax free?
* Is there some amount limitation of homebrew beer that you are allowed to produce without paying taxes?
* Is there any legal obligation considering for instance an obligation to fill a report or announcement as a homebrewer and send it to your legal authorities in order to be allowed to brew beer at home?

Please, feel free to fully describe the homebrew legal system in your country beyond these questions for better understanding. It will help us to stand up with reasonable arguments. We are also interested in:
- Providing exact law quotation with providing the number and section of the code
- URL link leading to this code for purpose of further study

Thank you very much for your participation.

With beer brewer´s traditional farewell: „God Bless!“

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