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My journey to the world of good beers started probably in 2009. Maybe by accident I happened to taste some craft beer and wondered what made it so different from the basic bulk beer in shops. That time I knew nothing about brewing but started to taste more and more different kinds of beers. I had heard of people brewing beer at home in 90's but all the stories were not that flattering. The usual story was that during a homebrew boom people just bought the starter kits and with no bigger interest to be precise and learn the process just produced some crap.

Late 2014, just by accident, I came across with a foreign colleague who had been brewing beer since 2008. His hobby as a homebrewer gave me a good kick and I started studying the brewing process. I started homebrewing late 2014 by first making an apple cider (God knows why cider :D), using fresh autumn apples, brewing sugar and a sparkling wine yeast. As I was anyway more into beer, I continued reading about brewing and soon made my first american pale ale in the beginning of 2015. 

Since the beginning I was brewing only all-grain. Until 03/2016 I have made nine different batches of beer, each of them about 17-20 liters.

My favourite type of beers are nicely hopped American ales with a portion of caramel malt and German style hefeweizens! With decoction, of course!

I'm really interested in getting in touch with other homebrewers! Feel free to contact! Let's exchange some beers!


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Submitted by RedBeard on 06.03.2016

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