Borussia Brew

Pätiläntie,16800 ,Suomi

Borussia Brew is a home brewery of two guys, Sami and Arttu, inspired by football and beer. Who would have guessed that second one?...

We've been brewing since May 2015. But our journey in to beer brewing started from a bet.. from a bet made in a bar.. from a bet made in a bar, wasted. Long story short: We made a bet with two of our friends about who is going to make better beer for summer. So we went the distance, got a hold of the process pretty quickly and kinda fell in love with it.

We pruduce all kinds of beers, but fruity hoppy beers are our kryptonite. We make batches around 20 liters.

If you're interested in tasting or trading or getting in touch or whatever, we are more than thrilled to meet other brewers. So just send a message and we'll get back at you!

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Submitted by Sambotronic on 17.03.2016

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