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The nice guy running with a mug full of beer since 1991 does not only symbolize the Mr. Malt logo and the point of reference for Italian homebrewers, but also the essence of a successful commercial company, which combines dynamism and quality, technology and passion  for the brewing art.

The company P.a.b. S.r.l., established in 1996 in Pasian di Prato (Udine, Italy) offers a wide range of up-to-date products for the exciting homebrewing’s world, fulfilling the desires of professional and demanding customers. At the same time, a wide network of authorized dealers supply Mr. Malt’s products inside and outside Italian borders. A particular attention is also paid to national and foreigner microbreweries, brew pubs and beer firms, constantly provided with updated brewing items. With the opening of the new English website, the international horizon is going to extend its limits, confirming that the commercial adventure of the guy with his full beer mug is running fast! 

Aiming at satisfying the needs of a wide range of customers, the commercial catalog includes every useful article for the brewing activity of homebrewers or professionals: from basic ingredients (selected malts and hops, available in organic form too) coming from Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom, the USA and New Zealand, to a complete range of dry and liquid yeasts.

A full choice of brewing equipment is available too, providing a helpful support to both beginners and skilled brewers. Even the most careful and passionate professionals have the possibility to rely on high precision laboratory instruments, useful to measure and control the fermentation process, as well as specific products for a proper cleaning and sanitizing, bottling and beer packaging.

An essential value for the company is the customer care, which is daily represented by the immediacy of communication. A three-pages website, according to the needs of private customers, retailers and micro- breweries, the politeness and helpfulness of the technical and administrative staff are the key points for a clear and fast dialogue with the customer, who is supported and listened to from his/her order to the delivery and use of the goods. 

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