Hi there! In this first post I will just show some random photos of my homebrewing hobby until now :) I've beeing brewing now a bit more than a year and my tenth batch of beer is just bubbling next to me as I write. These photos are from the same batch.

I like to use caramel malt, here some of them just before grinding. This time I was making American Red Ale, targetting a nicely hopped (IBU about 35-40) deep red coloured slightly sweet ale.

I grind all the special malt by myself. The base malt I buy already grinded.


Hops sorted for boiling. This time I used Centennial, Cascade and Amarillo. 

After one hour mashing. For the first time I mashed in 70 degrees celcius instead of 68, targetting slightly sweeter beer than usually.  




Draining the wort out. 



I usually boil the wort in a cold storage room outside. Here the process just after adding the bittering hops.



Cooling down the wort! This time I helped the process with some snow, just because we happen to have lots of it ;)


US-05 ready to rock! I wake up dry yeasts by keeping them about 30 min in a cup of 30 celcius degree water.

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    tak to by sme mali dať stretnutie a podiskutovať. ..... 20.3.2019
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    Jen tak dál, vše je to o výdrži a zkoušení 19.3.2019
  • Mira eR said More
    Jasně pořád vařím pivo :) a rád :) 19.3.2019
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    Nazdar. Našiel som tu tvoj profil, ešte varíš pivčo? 5.3.2019