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Homebrewers portals in other states

11 Dec 2015 10:43 #1 by Vikos
Hi Homebrewers, it's nice to see how many of us is registering here. I have an idea - if somebody knows about/use any homebrewers portal(/forum/site/facebook community etc.) feel free to send link to the map to your colleagues or post here any link/contact info about portal (Me or somebody else could write there message) - would be nice if there will be as much homebrewers as possible. For me it would be nice to go on holiday somewhere, take some glasses of my beer and exchange it with somebody local who is in this map... :) ;)

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  • marcusoptus said More
    tak to by sme mali dať stretnutie a podiskutovať. ..... 20.3.2019
  • Mira eR said More
    Jen tak dál, vše je to o výdrži a zkoušení 19.3.2019
  • Mira eR said More
    Jasně pořád vařím pivo :) a rád :) 19.3.2019
  • marcusoptus said More
    Nazdar. Našiel som tu tvoj profil, ešte varíš pivčo? 5.3.2019
  • marcusoptus said More
    Nazdar. Som z Pezinka a rovnako ako ty si varím doma... 5.3.2019