How-to manage map locations


After registration and account activation logged-in users have new items ("Create Location" and "My Locations") available in "Map" menu.


Create Location

"Title" - the name of brewery or shop

"Category" - choose "Home Breweries" or "Home Brew Stores"

"Picture" - you can attach one or more images to the location

"Description" - you can use HTML marks in description

Fields specific for Home Breweries: "Grow hops" - are you growing your own hops?, "Labels" - do you create your own beer labels?, "Shared buy" - do you wish to buy malt/hops/yeast/... together with your neighbour-brewers to share postage costs/get volume discount?, "Beer exchange" - do you wish to exchange your beer?

Fields specific for Home Brew Stores: "E-shop" - do you have an internet e-shop?, "Store" - do you have an Brick and Mortar Store? Do you offer "Dry yeast", "Liquid yeast", "Malt", "Hops"?

"WWW pages", "Twitter", "Facebook", "E-mail", "Phone" - optional contact information

Note: use full URL address including HTTP:// in "WWW pages" , ""Twitetr and "Facebook" fields otherwise the link will be broken.

"Location details" - you can write location's address into corresponding form fields or you can select address by clicking on it's location in a map.

Note: If you don't want to show exact address of your location in a map and at the same time you don't like automatically generated address after clicking on city centre/railway station/playground/church/..., please switch off "Sticky marker", fill only chosen fields in Location details form and click on some public space near your location.


My Locations

This screen shows list of logged user's locations. You can "Edit" or "Delete" each of them.

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    on 22.07.2020
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    on 20.07.2020
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    Starohorská 34, 691 72 Klobouky u Brna, , Česko
    on 12.07.2020
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    Hrnčíře , 584 01 Ledeč nad Sázavou, , Česko
    on 01.07.2020

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